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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

bored stiff/ bored to death/ born to be bored?/ bored as hell/ bored as crap/ bored as fuck/ fucking bored/ don't go all dirty, effing bored, it should be/ bore my mind out/ bore the hell out of me, even/ boring stuff/ bored stuff/ which is more boring, the.stuff or myself?/ bored on every possible level/ absolutely, positively, unconditionally the.most bored ever/ even this gets boring at times/ when the.self is totally bored of being bored/ let's just enjoy boring/ if possible at all/ bore me to.the moon.!

having typed up each and every boring set of expressions related to self, the.me needs to take a break and move on, or just get over the.self. nonsensical, yes, and that was the.participal form itself stressing that one action was completed right -or not necessarily so right- before the.other. and that was another participal form, omitting the.relative pronoun and adding -ing to the.verb. oh yes, yet another participle haha! such a vicious circle, isn't it. and there comes the.question tag. am I expecting some kinda approval? I'm not. there you go with a short answer. is that what my life solely consists of? don't have the.intention to answer that one, dear! umm, isn't that shortening discourse through omitting the.subject pronoun -and the.auxiliary, as well, sometimes-? definitely. have you noticed me using "usually" at the.very of the.sentence. that happens, yes. amazing huh? mmhmm. do you not have anything better to do, like right now? as soon as I get up in the.morning, I'll delete this post, I'm guessing. such a grammar freak, you are. nope, I'm not a grammar person, whatsoever. speaking of whatsoever, it somehow turned out to be one of my fave words ever. too many things turned out to be -inevitably- too many some other things of me, though. that's no news. not amusing, either. what are you like, then? you don't get to ask me that question! don't treat me like a second person. I'm more than a pronoun anyways. and you'll be seeing more of me soon. can't wait, literally. you're being hard to follow, by the.way. much love, buh-bye!

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voodoo girl said...

..and the lovers that you sent for me
didn't come with any satisfaction guarantee.

the.problem budur